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12s Voltage Sensing for Pixhawk

Hi all, 

I have two rather large Aerial Photography platforms outfitted with Pixhawks. One runs on 6s and the other on 12s. I need to solve the voltage sensing problem.

In both cases, I have no interest in sensing current (partially because it would ju

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Reassign motor outputs on Pixhawk

The motor 4 output on my friend's Pixhawk seems to be dead. We tested it with multiple ESCs and servos just to be sure.

He's setting up a quad, so I was considering taking the sketchy route and flashing X8 to use outputs 5-8, but before we resort to t

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Front flip while mapping??? --> CRASH

No idea what went wrong today (which is why I'm here). I have (had) this awesome Alien 560 quadcopter. As soon as I put it up in the air for the maiden, it flew beautifully. I actually flew an auto mission my very second flight.



Anyways, I've put abou

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Climb to Target Altitude in between WPs?

Here's a quick mission planning question. 

So I have a fixed wing aircraft and I'd like to plan a mission in which the aircraft climbs to a target altitude and then performs a servo action. From testing, I found that if I set one waypoint at 30m and t

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