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How NOT to fry the APM 2.0!!

There seems to be a big, big  issue with builders frying the APM 2.0.

A good many of them seem to know what they are doing.  What is the problem?

I want to know once and for all how NOT to fry the APM 2.0.

It's my understanding that the APM 2.0 needs/us

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Modified Sparkfun usb explorer

Hey guys... I'm gearing up my new APM 2.0 and as such I would like to set up telemetry.

I have a couple questions

1. I have a couple Sparkfun usb explorer boards that I had for a Mikrokopter project.  One was for the ground pc usb connection the other

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Throttle is used for climb/descent solution.

I a newbie with a brand spanking new APM 2.0 and I'm looking for some good starting off info.  My airframe doesn't use any elevators for pitch control. The throttle exclusively controls climb/descent ie pitch.  I'm looking for ideas/options which mig

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Carbon Fiber enclosure and RF shielding issues

I've need to enclose my electronics including my 2.4ghz AR6200 DSM2 6-Channel Ultralite Receiverfor my project I need a 4"x4"x4" cube. I found a polycarbonate enclosure around close the size I need but it weighs .6lbs It's a bit too hefty so I've bee

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