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in june this year we went to norway. i packed a lot of stuff with me and of course i had to take with me the flying machine (or to be precise, flying machineS):


we went there for 2 weeks, drove 6100km in total and it was actually great (and damn expensive) fun. friends from http://helicam.ee borrowed me their prototype, foldable y6 which was a big help (hiking in mountains with cs8.. better not). so we did some photos, here

3689467620?profile=originaland there (that's preikestolen below and you can read a bit more how we did this photo here)


however, most important part of the trip was not photos, but rather video :) and here you can see very short showreel from our flying adventures, hope you will like it. and turn on sound, or otherwise you'll lose half of experience :)

hope you'll like it :)

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live broadcast from cinestar 8

so, we did it :)

it is not first time in history of humanity, but it can easily be first time in estonia. as every other genius ;) thing, it's pretty simple:
- take a multicopter (such as cinestar from freefly)
- take an hd-camera (such as panasonic gh2 or sony hdr cx350)
- take an hd-video encoder (such as teradek cube)
- ask your friends from
helicam, if they can help you with piloting
- ask your friends from
streambuffet, if they can provide you a platform for broadcast
- ask your friends from
emt, if they can borrow you a 4G usb stick
- put it all together, shake a bit

here's the result. this is server-side recording - how it looked to people when they were watching it on the web when it was happening, with just couple of secs delay. i only trimmed video a bit, no other post-processing

watch in HD

original post from here:

and yes, my cinestar is run by arducopter :)

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filming anti-ACTA protest in Tartu, Estonia


I have been invited to do video broadcasting from anti-ACTA demonstration that happened on 11th February in Tartu, Estonia - one of many protests of this kind that took place in Europe this saturday. Of course, I took hexa (arducopter based) with me - idea was to make some photos from above, if that would be possible..

Friday evening however I decided that actually I can "spice it up" a bit...

On saturday it was really cold - I'd say about -15C degrees.. Event was planned to start at 1pm, so at noon there was nobody on site (above)

25 minutes before event start square looked like this:


then it started, and it looked something like that:


So, you ask where's the "spice"? Spice was that video from flying hexa was streamed directly to the web, and people around the world could see the video, and I personally think that this is very very cool :)

People were incredibly friendly - when asked by organizers to "make some jumping for the copter" they all started jumping (I will make some video a bit later, there are some cool shots in it..) :) Of course I know that people love our hobby, but so many people at the same time.. It's great feeling to get so much positive feedback :)


p.s. Yes I know, it wasn't safest thing in the world to do. Yes I know, many will consider it dangerous and irresponsible. But sometimes you just disregard rules and do something insane.. I wasn't "over the heads" for too long, most of the time behind the stage (you can see it on last screenshot), but ... - yes, I know... But it was special day and I took that risk, that's the only excuse.

p.p.s. Now it came out that someone thought there have been a "military" drone, conspiracy and stuff, and even tweeted about it.. But actually it's just a little hexa running arducopter :) Someone, let the guy know he's wrong :)

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