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Mission Planner Georeference errors

Can one of the Dev's of Mission Planner please have a look at this error.

After the release of Mission Planner, I can't Georeference my photos anymore.

I've followed the workflow a couple of times previous to the release and it worked without

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RSSI log

How do I get RSSI data for the controller / Solo link from the log files?

I can download the log files from both the controller and from Solo, but I don't know where to look for the RSSI values. If it is in the dataflash log it would be great, because

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Turning FanBoys into FlameBoys


Removed flaming comment written in frustration after not being able to get a order to Australia. As Todd Harper rightly pointed out. I should take it up with 3DR directly. Apologies...

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Autotune crash

My attempt at autotuning resulted in a crash this morning.

I fiew the quadcopter previously with a 2S battery. It was quite stable but underpowered.

After upgrading to a 3S battery I set the PIDs to what I believe is the default values:

Stabilize P: 4.5

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