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The title says it all.

Instead of being reactive and trying to go along with the "drones are scary" fad, Oklahoma is being proactive about the issue. They want to be a leader in the UAS industry, and are making steps with their education systems, businesses, and state government.

Only test site in the US that you don't need a COA to fly?....

This is pretty interesting, and just goes to show what can happen when the government, citizens, businesses, and students are proactive about new tech.


Full Fast Co article is here:


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Open-Source Cars


Something has been running through my head and I want to see what other people think. Am I the only one crazy enough to really want an open-source automobile? My background is in automotive, and I can see ardu-based (or something similar) hardware and software being easily integrated to cars. I just saw a Wired article on 3-D printing a car, and it got my brain spinning even more. Any ideas?

Clearly oil and auto manufacturers would hate the idea and do everything in their power to shut it down, such as the story of General Motor's EV-1 in the early 1990's.

Wired article is here:


EV-1 information is here:


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3689457144?profile=originalI don't know how many of you guys have seen this yet, but this is HUGE NEWS for us. No COA needed for drones up to 25 pounds, as long as it's being operated by a U.S. safety agency.

Check out the article that came out 2 hours ago on Bloomberg. 


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