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Observer/Ranger Quadplane


Here is a short build log showing the work required to convert my Quanum Observer to VTOL Quadplane. The mods are done in such a way that the Quadplane can be reverted to pure fixed wing in around 10mins for ultra long duration flight (+-80mins on 15AH packs) and when a landing strip is available.

Total weight added for Quadplane is 1,320g but only 270g of this is permanent (ie. fixed items such as carbon spars in the wings, mounting legs, wiring in the wings, glue, etc). Total all-up weight in Quadplane mode is around 4,800g (including camera and gimbal).

Specs as follows:
Frame size 1070mm (measured diagonal)
T-Motor MT4006 740KV
T-Motor Air 40A ESC
T-Motor carbon props 14 x 4.8
4S 10,000mAh
Pixhawk flight controller, running firmware version 3.6.0 with Quadplane support.

I've done some hover tests and transition flight will hopefully happen soon.Here is a video to show the stabilized footage I was getting before converting to Quadplane: https://vimeo.com/163169301

Thanks to all for the great work being done in this community, particularly Tridge! 




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