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Crash and freeze

Now the following has happened to me quite a few times with different codes. Latest code I've tried is 2.1. APM is version 1:

I'm hovering in stable mode. In flight, the quad just tips over and crashes. After that, one of the motors is squeaking loudl

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Yawing in wrong direction

I have a stock ArduCopter frame with ArduCopter 2.0.55. I have enabled the mag, and it's soldered as described in the wiki.

It hovers very stable, and yaw is not drifting. However, when I apply yaw input with the rudder stick, the quad yaws in the wro

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How big BEC?

I'm having problems with my ArduCopter suddenly flipping over and crashing. I'm wondering if this is cauased by a brownout. I have connected a micro servo for camera control, so it's drawing a little more current than a standard ArduCopter.


I have a

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Final release of 2.0 - when?

According to the news page, 2.40 was a release candidate for the first non-beta code. One would expect that this meant that only bug fixes should make it into the codebase. However, it seems like the code is still being actively developed with new fe

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