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Where is the changelog?

Would it be possible to get a changelog going if there isn't already one?

It would be great as a sticky here, or at least on the instructions or github page.

I haven't checked here lately and it would be nice to see what I've missed and how far behind

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Bug with dual monitors... (workaround)

Short story...

   MP kept coming up on a non-existant 2nd monitor when I switched monitor setups.

Long story...

   I switched computers from a dual monitor setup to a single monitor.  I had switched setups and computers by cloning the hard drive to get

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Gas Engine Quad, Ideas and Solutions...

I had an idea about building a gas powered quad.  It would be powered by some of the new small 4-stroke engines like the honda gx-35.

I know what you're thinking... gas engines don't respond fast enough.  But, everyone bases this on using the throttle

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ArduPlane Bugs and Erratic Behavior?

I'm trying to shake out the bugs in my drone and I came across a few issues.  I have the MPU6000 scaling issue, so I'm not sure how much of this might be related to that problem.

1.  Sometimes when I flip on my transmitter the throttle immediately gea

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The Real Specs and Ranges for 3DR Radios!

The product page for the 3DR radios is full of bogus specs!  Could you please post the REAL specs?

For example, the page claims "Receiver sensitivity to -121 dBm".  That is the spec for the SiLabs chip radio.  HopeRF lists the specs for their radio mo

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QGroundControl vs MissionPlanner

Is anyone using QGroundControl with any APM boards?

I came across QGroundControl and immediately saw that it has several needed features that MissionPlanner doesn't.  Namely 3D google earth views and a more advanced GUI.

Just curious about any experien

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Using this forum software?

Would it be possible to use a normal forum software like vBulitin or PHPbb?

Or am I doing something wrong?  There's three pages of forums, no real organization of anything, and the system is so obtuse and butt-ugly that it hurts my eyes.

I would think

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