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3DR IRIS and FrSky x8r receiver


I have an IRIS from 3DR (love it) with their supplied transmitter (FS-TH9X). I would like to swap the frsky 4dr-ii receiver for a x8r. Anyone know whether this is possible as a straight swap or many settings need to be changed.



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Pixhawk, aux out and video switch


I'm trying to work out how to use Pin 4 on the aux out of a pixhawk (on my IRIS) to act as a servo switch controlled by CH 7 on my FS-TH9X radio to connect to a simple video switch to switch between two FPV cameras on the IRIS. 

The video switch is

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Iris + tarot gimbal + GoPro 3 + question


Received my 3dr iris - so far so good - and am capturing some nice videos.  However, I'd like to be able to fly the iris at various elevations & horizontal positions but keep the camera directed to one spot.  Anyone any idea how best to do this o

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