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3 Axis Gimbal

Just wanted to know if anyone is using a 3 axis gopro gimbal with their Y6 and if so which model is it and are they happy with the results.

I am currently trying to decide between the DYS Smart3, Zenmuse h3-3d (top end of the budget) or whether or not

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Y6 Hot motors and ESCs

Hi, just been testing my Y6 with it's new 6000mah 4S pack and noticed the motors are getting hot. This is affecting the bottom motors more where if you touch them on the base, non rotating part, they are too hot to touch for more than a few seconds.

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What are you packing

As the title says I'm interested in what make and size of pack people are using.

I have the newer Y6 which they appear to recommend a 4s battery with. At the moment I'm running two 2200 mah 3s packs which gives me about 7 mins at 80% but want to buy s

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