About Me:

Im a web developer based in Bangkok. I have an strong interest in electronics and opensource hardware. I'm also interested in community building. I am organizer of Barcamp Bangkok as well as Bangkok Hackerspace (that has shut down for now but hope to reopen again soon). I run an Arduino blog/forum in german language. My latest project is Bangkok Scientifique, a monthly technology and science meetup in a coffeehouse atmosphere that will start in january 2012.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I build model airplanes as a teenager but have yet to anything with ArduPilot included. For now i'm just a spectator of the cene but hope to own a hexacopter one day and take pictures from the sky.



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Jan Detlefsen commented on Peter Koppendorfer's blog post KamKop BL Gimbal for Sony NEXn Cameras
"link he probably forgot to post
May 10, 2013
Jan Detlefsen commented on Bernardo M. A.'s blog post Parachute tests with a multirotor
"try a confetti cannon, they come in different sizes, replace confetti with parachute. downside is they take a lot of force to trigger. maybe small explosive charge is better idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dmJYQf2IAg"
May 8, 2013
Jan Detlefsen commented on tristan price's blog post Freezing fog grounds my hexa in less than a minute
"how about nano coating with lotus effect? idea is to give water no surface to stick to it enough and then turn into ice."
May 4, 2013
Jan Detlefsen commented on Stephen Carlson's blog post Introducing the "Orange Hawk" Tricopter/Flying-Wing VTOL UAV
"awesome work"
Mar 17, 2013
Jan Detlefsen commented on Randy's blog post ADNS3080 Optical flow sensor now available in the DIYDrones store!
"The link to the store page is dead, is this module discontinued? "
Mar 2, 2013
Jan Detlefsen commented on Mikey's blog post Doodle your Drone
"@Andrew Rabbitt
Then don't do it, Kickstarter has enough international supporter that don't demand that everything is made in their respective home countries."
Feb 23, 2013
Jan Detlefsen commented on Andrew Boos's blog post iOS Ground Control Station...Its Alive!!!
"why not just build is as a web app and make it multi platform? i don't see anything that needs a native app here. Or just work with the countless other web based ground stations."
Feb 21, 2013
Jan Detlefsen commented on Michael's blog post Panasonic’s A100 HD Action Cam
"very high FPS"
Jan 8, 2013
Jan Detlefsen commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Plotting cellphone tower strength in Google Earth
"flying over cellphone towers means the closer you get to them the worse the reception will be as antennas a pointing down to avoid interferences. unless you fly really low the data won't tell you much."
Jan 5, 2013
Jan Detlefsen commented on John Moore's blog post BluTracker Long-Range Bluetooth Tracker on IndieGoGo
"2500ft range vs the 160ft of BT4.0 specs, and 2 month continuous GPS reception, is that even possible?"
Jan 3, 2013
Jan Detlefsen commented on Struktur3D's blog post Interesting UAV Work Going on at the University of Calgary
"Wish that kind of stuff was on iTunes U or some similar place."
Dec 30, 2012
Jan Detlefsen commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post New mystery machines arrives to jDrones
"i know it :)"
Dec 26, 2012
Jan Detlefsen commented on Celal ÖNEN's blog post New Turnigy 9XR Open Source RC
"is that old remote sold under price with very low stock only to get people coming to check their website over and over again?"
Dec 24, 2012
Jan Detlefsen commented on Todd Hill's blog post Mans best friend...A Drone!
"a war robot, build to kill people, but still pretty cool."
Dec 19, 2012
Jan Detlefsen commented on Craig Burden's blog post Hexapod Hexacopter
Dec 18, 2012
Jan Detlefsen commented on Randall Kolchins's blog post Low Cost Thermal Pan Tilt Zoom (FLIR PTZ) Gimbal WISH LIST
"Are you taking a third part FLIR cam and is your development work basically the gimbal, the laser and the cctv cam plus the electronic? I think people just want the bare third party FLIR cam for as cheap/light as possible.
Also there is the whole…"
Dec 12, 2012