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DO_SET_ROI / ROI : Howto use this option?

Hi all,

I have what appears to be a simple question: How can I let my quadopter fly a mission of 10 points and keep it oriented at a pre-defined point (the POI/ROI) during this mission?

To accomplish this I tried the "Set ROI" command in Mission Planne

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DO_SET_ROI missing from MP 1.2.78

When using the "SET Roi" command in MP 1.2.78 no symbol is placed on my map and an empty waypoint is added to the waypoint list.

Furthermore I'm not able to choose the DO_SET_ROI command in the dropdown list in my list with waypoints. The only option

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Questions about mission modes / commands

Hi all,Yesterday I used the RTL command in one of my missions and my quadcopter returned to home position as requested and than tried to land. This last action, the landing, I didn't expect.When I engage RTL with my transmitter it returns home but ho

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Mission planner and power consumption

Hi all,

I'm using MP in combination with APM2.5 and firmware version 2.9.1.

I power my board with the 3DR APM Power Module and have voltage and current sensing enabled.

Is it possible to determine the amount of amps my quadcopter draws when hovering fro

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