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Good Arduplane platform


Do you guys have a suggestion what airplane should i build? Buying a kit is not an option. :( They want me to assemble one out of foamboard(Depron) which will carry APM 2.6, fpv camera and 2x 2200mah 3s battery. Thank you guys.

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Arduplane Noob HELP!

hey guys! So i just got a Hobbyking Slowstick which has APM mini 3.1 on it. I bought it from some flyer here who is 5 hours away from me. What should i do first? If I'm going to do my first flight, what are the things that i should check before take

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APM 2.6 Testing

Hey guys! I just got my APM 2.6 that I bought from ebay. I'm new to this and there's no one around me that knows how to operate this kind of flight controller. I'm planning to put this on a fix wing but I still don't have the airframe. What I want to

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