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UAS Secondary GPS Tracking System



I've been building and flying both multi-rotor and fixed wings for some time and with that has come a number of learning moments (crashes, hard landings, tactical descents, etc...;-( ) and a few have left my system outside line of site with no updated reporting on mission planner or other platforms when they've been lost.

Truth in lending...we're a commercial technology company working drones for future use and working on that section 333 waiver to go full time in the UAS sphere.  Ahead of this, we operate a gps tracking solution that we use on all our flights and a few of our clients who operate UAS systems have adopted as the safety net for their systems.

Our system is alpha track and it consists of lightweight gps tracking device hardware and a web backend that provides all tracking information, history, exportable tracks, analysis reports and when directly need, the location of your aircraft in real time independent of your telemetry / control links through cellular communication. If youre interested in knowing more...check us out here... GPS Drone Tracking



GPS tracker with built in cellular communications.  Provides secondary tracking of your UAS as well as reports to backend for detailed flight metrics.


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