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2HP Quadcopter


These videos are a bit old, but I wanted to post them anyway. This is my first quadcopter. I had no experience at all in that. I'm more into airplanes than copter things.

Anyway, here's a short description. I'm using 4 380W (1100kV) motors and 6600mAh of energy spread in two 18.5V lipo packs. On the videos I'm flying with 12 inches props (the ones found on diydrones store). Total weight : 4.8 pounds. Bad idea... if you make the calculation and compare to the speed of sound, you'll understand.


Here's the part two of the flight. You can see the quad a bit closer and landing.


The quad you see in the video crashed. I so regret not having it on video... It basically exploded in flight when one prop broke, breaking an arm, and all that before touching the ground on a windy day.

Today, I've upgraded. I now have an aluminium/acrylic frame (this one was a cheap wooden frame from Hobbyking...). And I now use 9 inches tri blades props. Video when temperature gets better in Québec!


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