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Throttle Reversing Issue

So here's the issue...(with the APM2 running the arduplane software)

The throttle is reversing in a strange way.  When in manual mode, everything works as expected, but when the APM2 is switched into stabilize, auto, etc... the throttle is reversed.


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No servo output?

Having a bit of an issue, it seems that no output signal is going to my servos.  Everything else appears to be working correctly (APM is reading TX as evidenced by config screen, servos are getting power as they twitch when power is applied) but the

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Joystick Camera Control

I'm trying to control my pan/tilt gimbal with a joystick through the mission planner.

Having a bit of an issue, as the servos immediately go into motion when APM is powered.  I have the two servos plugged into channels 5&6, and those outputs mapped to

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No power on the servo rail...

As advertised.


I was having trouble getting my APM to read the RC signal.  I thought it might get fixed by re-uploading fresh code and running the setup, so that's what I did.  But once I updated the code (using mission planner), I found that my APM

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Gyros tumbling

Ran into an issue on friday, when I have my voltage sensor connected the gyros tumble when at high rpms.  the problem goes away completely when the voltage is unplugged, so I know it's not just vibration.


Anyone else see this before?

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Lost in space, with a compass

I'm getting some strange behavior when using the magnetometer with APM (on a fixed wing).


When I engage auto mode the plane seems to lose all it's navigational faculties.  It just flies around in random circles.  When I have the compass disabled the

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APM Power issue

I'm having an issue with one of my APM boards.When I connect power to the servo rail, the red pwr light and the yellow mux light both turn on, but the blue PPM light stays off. When I plug in a USB cable, the blue PPM light comes on, but the other tw

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Heading option?

Could a heading be added to the takeoff and land commands? Since both of these commands hold a heading, could we not define that heading in the planner?

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