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Finally lifted with camera

Technically this is 3 frame with camera but the first one was hard to control, weight of GoPro with skeleton cover was too much for weak motors. 2nd one was stock ACM but ended in a crash with v39. Finally this was the only frame/setup can last long enough for me to take a video.




A lot of vibration issues as expected since I removed the dampers. Video was wobbly with the high density foams I used. Another thing is the servo most of the time it over corrects causing the bobbing of the video. Of course a few more tweaking on PIDs but all in all its getting there just like to share.

WARNING: Can cause dizziness


With the wind suddenly picking up I had to go back to stable mode to decent but roll/pitch can barely compensate for the wind. Nothing was damage just landed sideways :D.



All_hold 2:20
Loiter 5:22


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