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Mission Planner option for INPUT voltage

Is there a way or is possible to be added on the mission planner to set this?



So that correct voltage will show on ArduStation/Mission Planner without uploading via Arduino IDE. V39 is not yet on download section so I can

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Could this be a faulty ESC?

I recently bought from a local reseller here a complete kit of arducopter. It turns out it was an old model with 1280 board and now after soldering it seems the esc is damaged.


I tried to swap esc/motor combo and it was isolated in this ESC



Any sugg

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Clarification on MediaTek MT3329 GPS

I have this GPS from udrone. I tried the MTK Mini GPS to check the refresh rate and noticed its always 1hz. If I set it to 4hz then power down it will return to 1hz. Is this the normal behavior on MiniGPS and that its not the real update rate APM wil

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Yaw problem 2.0.33

I found thread Yaw problem but I dont want to hijack his thread. I have pretty much similar issue with him having a clock wise rotation.

Code: 2.0.33

Frame: FYE tech X4 (comes with esc motor)

Mag soldered on the board as suggested (came from udrone pre-

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