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My Nexus 7 transmitter mount.

3689565348?profile=originalHere's my 5 minute mount using two pieces of scrap plexiglass, standoff screws, zip ties, and two of my daughter's hair bands.  It did want to hang a little backward with the weight of the Nexus on there but I used a couple of velcro straps around the antenna mount to pull the lanyard upward until it hangs from my neck perfectly with no hands.




Here's how it's attached to the bar on the back of the transmitter:


The correction to the strap to make it hang level:


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Trying out 2.9 on a windy day.

I had it up and down about 10 minutes yesterday, it was pretty windy so I was mainly just putting it up, trying loiter, then RTL over and over.  I take video with an old deactivated iPhone 4 and it usually does really well, I don't know what was up with the horizontal lines yesterday.

Also note the bad bearing on #4 motor when it spins down, It's been like that since new but I guess I'll replace it soon.




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My first time off the ground.


I saw another post this morning from someone in NC with a hex, so I figured I'd post a little about my first quadcopter build as I'm in NC too.  I started off building the frame inspired by the 3DR design but made my own arms and legs.  I made taller legs in order to mount an old iPhone 4 I had laying around under it for video recording. 

Here's a couple of pictures from the build and then some video of the first time getting it in the air.  I have had no prior RC aircraft experience.


So after a couple of months of reading, collecting parts, purchasing an APM 1.4 and 2.5 (don't ask, wanted to play with both old and new I guess), I made the first couple of test flights using the 1.4

And after adding the iPhone to the mount I built, the second flight had onboard video

It's been amazingly fun so far, I think I like making the parts I made to substitute the kit parts the best and have already gotten into redesigning my legs and camera mount, more to come...

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