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Massive instability on take off.

Hi guys, a newly rebuilt quad of mine has some sizeable wobble which mean I can't really take off. I thought it could prop wash potentially, so the solution could be to just punch it into the air, but Im a little scared to do that given the cost of t

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What the hell happened to my plane?

I just took my built up Bixler 2 for a test fly, and a couple of minutes in, It nosed dived into the ground and completely wrote off the plane. I took off in manual, switched to stabilise, then switched to FBWA. All was fine (expect the plane struggl

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Bad compass health, No RC receiver

Hi guys, took my arduplane for a flight the other day (EPP FPV) and when I went to look at the telemetry after my flight, I was confronted with the warnings NO RC Receiver and BAD COMPASS Health. I was flying in manual mode, so i definitely had the R

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Arduplane loiter and RTL not working,

Hi guys, I have a question about my arduplane setup, Im running a hobbyking EPP FPV chassis, and it works really well in manual and stabilised mode, but I am having some trouble with loiter and RTL modes. Basically, whenever I engage them, the plane

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Soldering iron for MiniOSD V1.1

Hi guys, quick question about soldering up the connections on my new Minimosd I ordered from 3DR. I have almost zero solder skill (I get my GF to do most of the soldering), and have realised that although my APM 2.5 is fully put together, the MinimOS

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Running Mission Planner on OSX

Hi guys, first post here, my APM mega 2.5 and associated gear is in the mail, and Im just trying to set up my computer to use it in the field.

I have a 2011 macbook air, and would ideally love to run mission planner natively in osx. I did some researc

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