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Where does this 3DR Hex connector go?

I've got a 3DR Hex equipped with an APM2.6 and a Taranis X8R receiver. 

I took it apart a couple of months ago to go over things, check connections, and tidy  up the wiring.  It stayed apart because the Jan/Feb weather was horrible..  (-15 to -30C wit

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Time function doesn't seem to work

I just updated to MP 1.2.89 build 1.1.5097,10519

I see that there is a time function on the far left column of the log browse screen now.  Mine doesn't seem to work.   I get "0001-01-00:00:00.000" in all the frames from start to finish.

I've really bee

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Anyone had a 3DR uBlox LEA-6 GPS fail?

I use a 3DR LEA-6 GPS receiver on my 3DR Hex.  It's connected to an APM2.5 running 3.0.1 firmware

 I always use telemetry and normally, I see 10 to 14 satellites.  If it's less, I usually wait a bit in order to acquire more before taking off.   When I

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Geofence RTL Causes Pitching

I sent my 3DR Hex on a straight line 600 meter trip in Auto mode..  I forgot that I had set the geofence to 500 meters.   When the Hex breached the fence, it went into RTL mode, turned around, and came home.  (Which is expected).

I had my GoPro runnin

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Solar condition warning works

I'm a ham radio operator and I watch the solar indices regularly in order to know how the radio signals will behave..   I see today that coronal mass ejection just impacted the earth causing a G1 level storm. 

As soon as I plugged in my 3DR radio, I g

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Waypoint setting problem

I've set waypoints in the past using Andropilot, but it seems that perhaps I've forgotten exactly how to do it or I've inadvertently changed some setting.

I'm using Andropilot 1.6.06 on a Galaxy Note II smart phone.   The phone has a stylus which is h

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New Name?

I see the latest Play Store update is now called VikingUAS GS in place of Andropilot.  It's still the same great app..

 Why the name change?

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Terminal Problems With MP 1.2.55 mav1.0

I upgraded to MP 1.2.55 mav1.0 a few days ago.  Everything seemed to work OK until I went to download some logs.

When I connect to the terminal, I'm getting garbage characters at the prompt where there should be nothing.  A string of three or four cha

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Question about LAND function

Is there an altitude threshold where the LAND function shouldn't be used?   For instance, if I send the LAND command while I'm 50 meters up, will my 3DR Hex drop like a rock, or will it settle down from there to a gentle landing?   Will the wind push

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How do you 'undo' Auto-Trim.

I got my 3DR hex flying nice and level in 'Stabilize Mode'.  It lifted off smoothly and responded as expected to the controls.  I managed a couple of pleasant 2 - 3 minute flights.

Then I tried the Auto Trim function where you hold the stick to the ri

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Can't get off the ground.

I just built a 3DR Hex Frame using an APM 2.5 with the uBlox GPS.  I'm using 40A ESC's and 880 Kv motors.  I have a Walkera Devo 7 transmitter, so I added a Walkera 7 channel receiver.  I also added the 3DR 915 Mhz telemetry option. Everything seems

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