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Motor Selection

What difference would be noted between using a 800Kv to 900Kv motor (Tiger T-Motor MT2216-12 vs T-Motor MT2216-11 ) on the exact same frame and using the same 12.45 props? I mistakenly bought the 900s but thought to try them anyway.

I currently use th

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Magnotrometer diode damaged

In a crash a few weeks ago the diode on the mag fitted to the AMP 1 board got damaged and to the point it ripped off some PCB traces so I cant solder it back on. I have ordered a new one but though in the mean time it still might work. ,  I see there

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Better Safety Functions

My main concern as repeated a number of time in a number of other posts is the safety aspect needs to be a primary focus on this APM project.

So far many suggestions have been ignored to date. We really must all demand a better fail-safe functions and

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APM 2.5 Board ( The New)

I have just bought the new APM2.5 board and see there are quite a few changes made to this compered to the APM2.0 board.

When will the APM2.5 wiki be available? I see the APM2.5 doesn't come with the SD card bay. So why was this dropped and how can th

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