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How to reset Xtreambee?

I had a crash today and the xbee came off the board and then I mistakenly plunged it back into the board in revers so the power pins were feeding the two signal wires. Now it wont communicate with the the gcs xbee. I swapped over the Xbee 900 to anot

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Sonar problem

I cant figure out why the sonars on both my copters don't seem to give a proper readings when I run sonar test on CLI. Ive done a full reset and installed the firmware a few times on both. Im running 2.5.3 on APM1 . 

When I run CLI it starts off readi

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Barometer issues and PID tuning

3690927295?profile=originalBarometer Issues!?.

Ok, here is another problem Ive spotted in the mind field of hardware issues and for people who continually bang their heads trying to fix them through PID tuning. .

If you have a housing that is covering over all of your electronic

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Missing APM board component . Diode?

Some how what I think is a diode on the right side from the power jumper ( bottom left on the board just below the multiplexor) is missing. It must have gotten knocked of somehow. Can you please advise what the specs are of this component and what I

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What would be the noticeable difference having 1100kv motors compared to 880kv motors on a quad?

What are the pros and cons for higher or lower Kv motors?

Would I be correct to assume if I put one different Kv motor on one arm from the other three moto

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Mission Planner doesnt open properly

I have had a problem with Mission Planner for a while now that the main window doesn't open up but it opens in minimize to the tool bar. The terminal window opens ok, but not the main window. Even if I click on it, it wont open . I have to hold the c

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Feild Flight Manual For Beginers

This started out as a basic check sheet for myself and its still a work in progress, but I felt this could also be benefit  a lot of new people starting of flying multirotor aircraft's.

The first few pages is a field check sheet to go through before y

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Hex Copeter motor setup problem

Setting up my jdrones hex copter and the motors on number 7 and 8 channel make a constant beeping at 4 beeps per second. The ECS guide advises throttle is not in lowest position even though it was. I then put throttle in top position and plugged the

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I would be interested to share what others are using and how they have their power systems set up and what they find does and doesn't work. .

I am using a  3300mAh 4S 35-75C Turnigy battery and I'm in the dark about what to expect from this considerin

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