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Hex Copeter motor setup problem

Setting up my jdrones hex copter and the motors on number 7 and 8 channel make a constant beeping at 4 beeps per second. The ECS guide advises throttle is not in lowest position even though it was. I then put throttle in top position and plugged the

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I would be interested to share what others are using and how they have their power systems set up and what they find does and doesn't work. .

I am using a  3300mAh 4S 35-75C Turnigy battery and I'm in the dark about what to expect from this considerin

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Xbee need help

I have purchased from Jdrone the XBee PRO 900Mhz, Wire module for vehicle and XBee PRO 900Mhz, RPSMA module for GCS and which states the following,

"Fully assembled, configured and tested telemetry set. All that you need to make your UAV to talk with

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"Missing RC rev param" error when I select Radio tab APM Planner 1.0.99 for my Quad X setup.

Any idea why I am getting this message?

I cant seem to get the motor output mixing right. I do have all controls in my (Futaba T10CAG 8 Ch) RC Transmitter work

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APM wont power up

My new APM was working ok, then i soldered on the magnotrometer and since then nothing is working. No led's not detection by the computer or software. Any idea what has happened and how to fix it? I tried reset, but still nothing. I even took of the

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