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SITL for Windows appears dead

The SITL for Windows discussion appears to be dead since Feb of last year.

I will post my query here in the hope it gets noticed.

"I setup sitl on Windows 7. I followed the recipe in the web documentation exactly. Cygwin is working fine. Mavproxy insta

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Unable to upload to APM2

I can connect to an APM2 using a 3DR on COM4. Mission Planner works fine and will successfully upload a route. UgCS connects also and receives messages. Everything appears to work fine but UgCS is unable to upload a route and terminates with an error

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UgCS for GPR

I have evaluated UGCS for use with fixed and rotary wing UAVs for my research project. We are developing lightweight SDR based GPR for arctic and alpine survey work - glacier studies and avalanche prediction. This is a project that will likely have l

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