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AC 2.0.39 beta firmware feedback

Yesterday I updated Mission Planner and loaded up build 39 onto the APM. This is what I observed after a full erase/setup (I have sonar and mag) -Did an initial test on the sonar to see what the new values would be by having the motors running on low

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Hud feedback very suggish

Hi, is it normal for the hud's attitude indicators to be really sluggish compared to how I am moving the quad around? If I hold the quad and move it's pitch reasonably quickly the hud seem to take ages to show the pitch that it ended up at.Telemetry

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xBee Pro 900 kit expectations?

Hi people,I've finally received and built my APM full kit with the xBee Pro 900 kit add on for telemetry. The xbee seems to receive the telemetry from the APM/IMU through AMP Planner really well.The only thing not clear in my mind is if I should be e

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Is PC joystick control working yet?

Hi,just updated APM Planner to 1.0.15 and went into the Joystick config. I'm able to assign the axis and click on enable. When I click on Save the dialog stays open. If I then go to the Raw Sensor View - Radio Tab, the output signals are not respondi

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