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Amazon and the FAA have confirmed to the Washington Post that the company chose an international location to shoot its concept video for Prime Air, the drone delivery service CEO Jeff Bezos says Amazon plans to debut in the near future. That's because the commercial use of drones is currently illegal in the United States, pending new regulations set to be issued by the FAA in 2015.

The laws concerning drones are far more relaxed in neighboring countries like Canada, which is a relatively short trip from Amazon's headquarters in Seattle, Washington. And while commercial use of drones is illegal, numerous photographers and cinematographers working on projects in the United States have confirmed to The Verge that the use of drones to achieve aerial shots is common.

American advocates of commercial drone use point to situations like this as proof that the United States, which has been a leader in developing small unmanned aircraft, risks falling behind the rest of the world in terms of developing drones for business, due in large part to the lack of a complete regulatory framework.

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Blutracker is an ultra small Bluetooth GPS locator. It has a range of over half a Mile, the battery lasts for over 2 months in between charges, it has a full GPS engine and motion detector. There are absolutely no service fees!

Most pets that are lost, are within a couple of blocks from your home.
Track your kids in large playgrounds, parks or in your neighborhood.
Discover the exact outdoor location of the BluTracker within 10 feet at any time.
Built in motion detector notifies you if your item is moved or missing.



Also the Engadget link:


They claim an unobstructed range of 2500 ft for the tracker, it doesnt record GPS coordinates but it is water resistant and looks like it would be a great lost drone tracker. Only weighs 16 g.

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