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Drone NDVI for Plant Nutrition Testing


Summary: We recently did an interesting test where we used NDVI imagery from one of our drones to detect improvements in plant health over a 10 day period.We found that the NDVI was sensitive enough to detect these improvements once the nutrition had

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A week of Arducopter misery

After a week spent working on my Arducopter 2, I have still failed to get it airborne and I've broken two props already. In the interests of other people avoiding the misery I've  had to go through, I'll post my lessons/experience here in a summarise

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Roll gyro feedback inverted

This is my second issue with my AC2. My previous post 'GPS prevents motors arming' describes the history of my AC setup problems.

This issue relates to the flight data feedback received in APM Planner, with Mavlink connected. Yaw and pitch feedback is

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GPS prevents motor arming/booting

Hi forum, I'm a relative newbie in that although I bought my AC about 6 months back, I've only now started working on it.

Problem: with GPS connected my AC2 won't arm the motors/boot properly. As soon as I disconnect the GPS cable I can boot and arm t

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