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Arduplane without a compass?

Can I safely fly arduplane without a compass?  If yes, what won't work as well without a compass?  I have an APM 2.0 with a bad internal compass and it won't accept an external compass (even after cutting the trace).  I read a few post that talked ab

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500 heli on APM 3.0.0 code flying great!

I just had my first stable loiter yesterday after running compasmot and it was very impressive.  Tuning wasn't very difficult for the most part and the biggest barrier we have with getting more helis setup is the more complex cabling for the RX to th

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Adding a flat hovering pitch curve?

I did some searching and saw a few notes about people doing this, but I wanted to verify that it's OK to add the normal flat pitch curve for a "dead" stick area for hovering. 

I was in the air yesterday and wasn't quite used to having such a small are

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Some newbie power questions

So I've been mostly playing with quads and small planes, so I haven't dealt with servos that much so I've got a few power questions for helicopter setups, but it's always better to look like a fool and ask then burn up electronics. 

  • Should I be removi

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Crash video; Any ideas what failed?

It's edited to just the good part (and 1080p and 60 FPS hero3 black footage!)

You might notice the vibes, which is odd seeing that just put on fresh fully balanced props.  I was flying in acro mode and as soon as it started to fall back, I went stab

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