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My quad is on Pixracer and 3.4.dev from yesterday. I can't arm the motors.

pre arm checks are off.

What does "waiting for nav checks" mean?

Yesterday with 3.3.4 it flew in manual mode.

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Changing the setup

3691233822?profile=originalHi all.

Due to a mechanical motor problem I want to change my flat hexa to a quad temporarily.

I am running FW 3.1.2 on a pixhawk.

I removed two motors and ESCs. The frame stayed the same, but mechanical configuration now is as quadro.

Do I have to reloa

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Mid Flight Failure with Tricopter.

Hi all,

I'm having a strange issue over months: My tricopter spirals down in midflight, often after flying a circle.

Often it does two spirals and comes back to normal flight, sometimes it spirals down. Sometimes the receiver failsafe warning goes off,

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Where is the old wiki for APM 1.4 ?

Hi all,

I would like to change the setup on my brave APM 1.4 which has guided my old twinstar up to now. I now want to bring it to live in a different plane and would need to know where to connect OSD and telemetrie and all that nice stuff.

Is there a

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