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Hello, I would like to show you my recent project with official name:

An On-Drone Dynamic Object Track and Follow Solution for Quadcopters

Quadcopters are flying drones with a highly constrained payload capacity, limited computation power as well as communication capabilities. Such quadcopters can be equipped with a low weight camera and an additional computer. There are many applications where the autonomous tracking and following of a moving object is desired. For example filming of fast moving athletes during sport events, studying wild life in regions difficult to access or surveillance and pursuing of criminals. These reasons made us create a new vision-based dynamic object track and follow solution for quadcopters. The solution can be deployed on a consumer grade drone with an additional on-board computer. The outcome of our solution is a quadcopter able to track and follow an object chosen by the user in a video frame during initialization. In our project, we first evaluate a few promising computer vision algorithms for object tracking based on their suitability for a quadcopter. Afterwards we choose three the most suitable trackers whose performance is tested on a use case video and evaluated based on various criteria. The most suitable tracker is implemented in the Robot Operating System framework which is used for communication between the drone and the Ground Control Station . The setup is tested on two drone platforms as well as in a simulation. We found the right combination of an on-board computer and tracker which are suitable for our project. The result of a drone able to track and follow an object is shown in a video.

More Informations you can find here!

This is just test video testing the parts of the algorithm on ardrone. The final quadcopter which will be able to carry the computer is still in development.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!
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