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Automated touchdown navigation without GPS


We are developing a technology for automated landing navigation without GPS or better to say with higher accuracy than standard GPS signal. I think, there can be a lot of various utilisations of such technology in dyidrones world. After a year of development, when we tried many different approaches, we developed current prototype, which is offering some reasonable results.

In video you can see our prototype drone (DJI F450 with E300, 3DR APM2.6). Which is navigated by our system in full automatic mode (no GPS lock or RC). System consists of ground unit (small paper box with black tape on the ground, touched by drone) and onboard unit, which provides signals for APM. The onboard unit weight is less than 30g and power consumption is less than 50mA.

The technology is not yet bulletproof and stable. It requires a lot of time and effort to tune it up. But our resources for development are shortening. So with this post we are requesting some feedback from the community. If there is demand for such technology, please write a comment, how much you expect from the price or technology accuracy itself.


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