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3dr telemetry problem

Hello, i have a problem wit the air module, i accidently set baud rate to 111, like in the picture, and now i cant load or upload any settings or upload a new firmware, even with forcing bootloader (tried it using rs-232). Is there any way to flash i

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Tricopter problem.

Hello, i just made my first tricopter an apm 2.5. Made an aluminium frame for testing and learning, but in first test i found a problem, when i start give some throtle to go up, it starts to go backwards... i tested holding it with my hand, that it w

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What ardware is required?

Hello, i'm new in quadcopters, so i have a few questions. I have ordered a qr ladybird to learn the basics, but i'm interested in quadcopter drone that could carry my dslr camera. I have some basics in electronics,so that is not the problem. All i ha

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