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Skywalker users? - PID question

Has anyone tuned the basic PIDs from the default and found anything they can share?

I'm trying to figure out why the skywalker "example" config file has a P value of 3.0 for roll and pitch servo reactions where the default is 0.6. That seems a huge di

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About serial ports

The docs mention 4 serial UARTs are available

Port 0: USB
Port 1: GPS
Port 2: ADC
Port 3:



My question is in a flying configuration, with telemetry and GPS, is there anything free?


For example: does feeding an OSD by serial mean telemetry or GP

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getting past 128k code limit?

Asking here because ArduPilot is close to 128k.


I'm getting linker errors with a modified ArduPilot because code has gone past 128k


how do I get link flags passed by the IDE?


I'm not sure if it will work, but supposedly..


edit: Ok I did some more dig

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Ardupilot Mega and a GPRS module?

I know that UAVs legally in western countries must be flown LOS but the elephant in the room is that they are NOT being flown LOS (at least, they speck out), they are being flown as far as the video signal will go, and people spend a lot of time tryi

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Airspeed sensor detection / failure etc

I am trying out the (latest) ArduPilot and noticed that I have to#define AIRSPEED_SENSOR 1in order to NOT get a "disabled" reading using "test" "airspeed" functionHowever I also noticed that with the sensor disconnected (or perhaps broken), with that

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