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System Identification of quadrotor


Has anyone used the system identification toolbox to model a quadcopter? I would like to generate a model using system identification, either using black box modeling or grey box modeling. 

I can utilize some suggestions to get started.

Thank you

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Collision avoidance of quadcopters


I would like to know if anyone has worked with this subject "collision avoidance". If yes, can you please help me with a few things.

-> What kind of sensors can be used?

->Any collision avoidance protocol?

->Did you try collision avoidance with 2

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problem with Mission Planner V1.2.8

hey guys I need help urgently..... I want to simulate my quadcopter in mission planner... I am not able to do so correctly.... is there any issue with mav 1.0 and mission planner1.2.8 together ?? can anyone please upload a video showing how the modes

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APM mission planner

I have got some problem with my Mission Planner(V1.2.8) .... I have used PRE_calibrate mode and then Once I run the script(after setting some initial values for the Quad) the attitude is dropping to 0. The sim_multicopter's values with respect the ve

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