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SKID Steering FailSafe Hold Mode

Hi everyone!

 I am building a dual propulsion boat with PixhawkV1 ArduRover 3.1.1. SkidSteering INPUT = 1 SkidSteering Output = 0

I have my Failsafes (Radio/Battery/GeoFence/GCS) set to HOLD Mode, I was reading the documentation of HOLD mode there is a

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3D Alexmos Gimbal 8bit Basecam

Hey All,

 I'm having some trouble getting my 3D Alexmos 8bit Gimbal to work..

 It keeps twitching and I've tried calibrating the accelerometer multiple times If i could just get it to be stable and face downwards that would be fine. If someone could se

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URGENT PIXHAWK Yellow Light Problem


Hi everyone, so I haven't flown my copter in a while and when I reconnected it to Mission Planner I did the newest update for Arducopter then redid the whole calibration wizard for accelerometer,compass, failsafes, flight modes etc.

Now when everythin

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Making Mobile Applications for Drones

Hey so I'm looking into making a mapping/land surveying application for my drones that I can use on a tablet or phone. Similar to the DJI Vision App or Mission Planner where I can connect to the drone and control simple things like waypoint navigatio

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3DR DIY Quad into FPV racer

I have a 3DR DIY 2014 quad and I want to make it into a FPV racer.. any suggestions

880kV Motors
Pixhawk + GPS
X8R Taranis Transceiver
20amp ESCs
3300 mAh battery 35C
10x45 Props

I have FPV Fatshark Predator V2 goggles and transmitter

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Fpv gear for Arducopter 2014

What are the best types of fpv cameras that can record video.should i get the goggles or monitor, what is the most cost effective? What are the best types of cameras to get that can record video, has to be compatible with Arducopter 2014 DIY kit, I d

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