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Low-altitude fence

Hi all,

I've been working on a low-altitude fence for ArduCopter, and wanted to get peoples' input on how they'd like for something like that to work if they were going to use it.

The idea is that if you're flying over water or weeds (or other conditio

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Solo update, app update: A "review"

So, I spent some time flying around with the Solo update, and the updated Solo app (on Android). Here's a "review":


Starting up, the app prompted me to change my password and Solo SSID. So I did that (I confess, I hadn't changed it yet.). Throughou

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Solo Log files: How to read them

Hi there,

I've been meaning to get around to pulling logs off of my Solo, so I tried that today. Something tells me the normal way of pulling logs (using APM Planner) is not the right approach. First, it's pathetically slow. As in, it took me about 40

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Poking around, got questions...


So, I scp'ed the contents of the Solo's and controller's file systems to a local machine here so I could poke around. Lots of cool stuff in /usr/bin. I don't have any warranty-voiding plans, I'm mainly interested in learning how things work at thi

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Friggin' Solo crashed into a tree

I was out on my deck, taking off from the yard, flying around, landing, no problems whatsoever. Two or 3 short flights. I took off again. I climbed to about 25 feet, the Solo started to wobble badly, so I corrected it, preparing to bring it down for

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Video latency

Hi all,

What sort of video latency (ballpark) are people seeing with the Solo and viewing the GoPro through the app? I'm seeing anywhere from 1-3 seconds, depending on how far out I'm flying.



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