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Camera Control Using Telemetry Radios

I have a REALLY nice Olympus DSLR (e420) that takes some amazing pics even though it only has a  10.1MP sensor. There is this really cool piece of (now discontinued) software called Olympus Studio that allows you complete control of all the camera fu

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ArduCopter Libraries

Didn't want to hijack another discussion so I figured a new discussion was best.

Where is the tuning library for ArduCopter located? I am in the final stages of building an ST800 Bumblebee and having a set of PIDs to start flying with would be really

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Hobby King Shipping SUCKS!!!

Anyone else had any issues with Hobby King shipping from their China warehouse? After ordering a new hexa frame from them about a week ago, I still haven't received any shipping confirmation or a valid tracking number. The tracking number on their or

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AgPixel and other Software Packages

New to the group but not to UAVs or GIS. Have a quick question about imagery processing packages that I bet you guys can help with.

I am an advanced user of packages such as ArcGIS, Global Mapper, and Photoscan. I have experience with ENVI as well. I

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ESRI Shapefiles in MP

I use ArcGIS quite a lot when planning out flights and I can see the utility in being able to import an ESRI shapefile into Mission Planner. It would allow some users to use a GPS such as a Trimble to shoot GCPs then use them as waypoints and camera

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