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Solo Crash on Camera Flash

Flying my Solo this evening when it flew off and crashed across the street after my son took a picture of it while it was hovering in front of him. No warning - just went. Solo was completely unresponsive to control attempts. See the event here: http

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3DR Solo - Controller Sun Shield

OK, been trying to figure out how best to view live feed from Solo in the sun. Tried Nexus 7 way dim, Tab Pro 8.4 also dim, Tab S 8.4 - still not bright enough. Then found this on Amazon:



Search Amazon for Anbee® DJI Inspire 1 FPV Monitor Sunshade. $1

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Waiting for GPS - Solo won't fly

Solo waiting on GPS for hours. Never able to lock on so no flying. Solo requires GPS signal to fly even when in the Android app under advanced you set "Enable Advanced Flight Modes" which supposedly allows "fly without GPS." 

I have done a factory res

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