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Noisy EKF IPD / Barometer

I'm troubleshooting some Altitude Hold Problems that are resulting in a about 5 feet of Altitude drop while transitioning from hover to directional flight.

My vibrations are acceptable but I've noticed a high variations in the barometer and IPD EKF va

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Forward Flight Altitude Loss.

I've been troubleshooting Altitude loss in primarily forward flight. Left or Right roll into a wind results in the same altitude loss as well as being more pronounced when flying into the wind in forward flight. Backwards flight seems to not suffer a

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Uncommanded Pitch Runaway in Loiter


I'm running a DJI S900 on Pixhawk running the latest stable version with a frsky taranis. This morning I replaced the motor rubber dampening pads with DJI Part 35 which is a softer damper that is supposed to reduce vibration / micro bounces in

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Pixhawk Tuning in Wind

I'm running a Pixhawk on a DJI S900 and its flight characteristics are very good in calm winds. The video coming out of the gimbal is vibration free. Anytime the wind picks up the Pixhawk holds its position well but is correcting to aggressively and

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Camera Tracking

I'm using arduplane 2.40 trying to get the camera tracking/stabilizing working.

It seems to randomly respond to pitch and roll movements and violently move to an extreme and then stay in the position regardless of the tilt of the aircraft.

Any suggesti

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