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Loiter Mode in Arduplane

I’ve set up a conventional fixed wing plane with Ardupilot on a miniPix. I have assigned only three modes, Manual, FBWA and Loiter. Testing on the ground Manual and FBWA work as expected but when I switch to Loiter the motor stops and the servos go h

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Tower Android App

I use the Tower App for communication between my drones and my Android phone. I uninstalled it recently by mistake and I can no longer find it on the Play Store to re-install it. The earlier versions of Droid Planner  are not there either. Is there a

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Problem with ArduPlane on Crius

I can’t get APM:Plane to work on a Crius AIO Pro board. I’m using the Mega Pirate NG flash tool, which provides only version 2.76. I have the RC input set to ‘Regular PWM on A8’ which is appropriate for my receiver. I can work through the calibration

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Problem with Verify Height

I set up a mission with ArduCopter V3.2.1 over a steeply sloping field with a constant height of 10 meters and Verify Height ticked. I checked that when I cleared the mission and reload it Verify Height was still ticked. But when I flew it the height

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