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My Apology about LiDAR in Drones

Many friends in the community ask me why you always make kinds of LiDAR ads and they believe a drone does not need a LiDAR to fly well.

Firstly, I wanna say Sorry for broadcasting so many the LiDAR products so directly that you brothers misunderstand

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What do you think of this LiDAR for drone?

Hi, everyone, in fact I am quite new in drone area, so I wanna ask if I need to equip a drone with a LiDAR for altitude holding and even auto-guide. What do you think of this LiDAR. Does it count? I need some advice. Here is the link in Robotshop.


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Ultimate and Brand new CE30-D for UAV

CE30-D(drive) LiDAR is created to fit UAV. It is based on the CE30 series LiDAR. Of course it is well suit for drones. Like the CE30 series LiDAR, it is based on the principle of TOF(time of flight), it lanches and receive the laser light and it can

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LiDAR TFmini Specification

TFmini--Micro LiDAR Module

    TFmini is a milestone for Benewake with its unique optical, structural, and electronic designs, the product possesses 3 major advantages:

  • Low cost,
  • Tiny volume
  • Low power consumption


    The built-in algorithm adapted to indo

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LiDAR CE30 Specification

CE30--Solid-State LiDAR

Benewake launches CE30, a solid-state LiDAR with large FoV. It could simultaneously output grey and depth information within 132° horizontal FoV and 9° vertical FoV. Meanwhile no mechanical rotating components exist internally,

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Benewake Lidar fits drones for surveying

Here are three main LiDAR from Benewake fits drones quite well.

  1. CE30 is a 219g lidar for drones.

With an optimal range of 30m, it is accurate to 6cm, 132° horizontal FoV and 9° vertical FoV. Solid-state design is adopted without any mechanical rotating

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