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Quad Plane Issues V3.6


  I am a little confused why I can't get the quad rotor of my Quad Plane working. I have four Hacker motors installed on my fixed wing Anaconda with 4 Castle ESCs. 

As per the instructions I have the motors plugged into channel 5 thru 8 on the pi

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Osd Screen switch

I am having issues with my osd that is connected to my pixhawk. I can't get it to work where I can flip a switch and turn the osd off. I have the channel setup on the gui and on my radio. I am unsure what to set mission planner to. Osd works but no s

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RSSI Setup Dragon Link

Ok I have the pixhawk and dragon link installed on my aircraft. What is the best way going to program my RSSI. I am getting a read out of 65 on my PFD and when I unplug the cable for RSSI I get 32. 

Dragon Link suggested putting the plane about 50-60

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