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MAVlink and Linux

Hi all.

     I'm working on a project, and one of the requirements is to utilize existing technology we have made use of on previous projects.  In short, I need to use a Phidget Single Board Computer running Debian Linux.

     I want to have MAVlink co

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Short term dead reckoning

Hello all-

My goal with my rover setup is to allow for short term dead reckoning in the event of loss of gps or a weak gps signal.  The plan is the rover would automatically switch over to a dead reckoning system, until gps signal is strong enough to

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Manual Mode restarts Auto Mode

Hello all.

I have a rover set up, and it works great for the most part.  I'm using the APM 2.5+, APMRover2.20a firmware.

I use Mission Planner to set up my waypoints   I put it in auto mode and it takes off, working great, moving from waypoint to waypo

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