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OpenPilot CopterControl - Tricopter

Compilation of some on-board footage from the my OpenPilot CC Tricopter. This thing is super stable. I have complete confidence when flying with OpenPilot. Can't believe how simple the setup was. I am using 3-bladed props this time. They are much quieter, but produce less thrust. I had to adjust my trottle curve a bit to get better response. All FPV gear is from ReadyMadeRC.

OpenPilot CC
AX-2213N motors
Turnigy Plush 18A ESC
GWS 9x5 3-bladed props (2 CCW, 1 CW)
Pro Tricopter Delrin frame
ImmersionRC 500mW 5.8GHz Vtx + Bluebeam SPW
ReadyMadeRC 420XV camera
DragonLink UHF RC System

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Arducopter Y6

Finally got my Y6 together. I am running rctimer 2830/14 750kv motors, 30A esc, 10x4.7 props on 4s 5000maH lipos. Will get higher pitch props for the lower motors soon. Here's a video of some portions of the maiden. Still on default PID. I see it needs some fine tuning, but it's flyable on default settings.
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