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Arducopter 2.0.46

I see Arducopter 2.0.46 is available for download. I'm updating firmware now and going to have a test flight at the weekend.

Could anyone tell, please, about the changes in this version?



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Voltage monitoring in APM Planner

I have installed AttoPilot current and voltage sensor. I set capacity in APM Planner settings and checked that battery consumption percentage is shown correctly. However, displayed voltage is always four times lower than the real voltage. For instanc

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Pitch stick control is reversed

Hi all! I've assembled my ArduCopter recently and started testing it. Firstly I checked stabilize mode holding copter in my hands, it works fine. Then I decided to test control from the radio. I was a little confused when noticed that if I move pitch

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A bug on ArduCopter assembly wiki

I have received my a ArduCopter KIT a few days ago and started assembling. Today I moved on soldering power distribution board and likely found a bug on wiki.
There are mistakes on images in sections "Solder the Battery Cable" and "Solder the Connect

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GCS via USB instead of Xbee

Hello everybody!I have a question. Can I connect my ArdupilotMega to HappyKilmore GCS using USB cable instead of Xbee Wireless? I haven't Xbee yet, but I'd like to test how ground station works... Is it possible? If yes, what I need to do?Thanks in a

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Hello Everybody!

I have ArdupilotMega, soldered it a few days ago and connected to PC via usb to test. Most part of the tests via CLI works good, however I've got a problem with gps test.

So, I go the CLI, then type: test - > gps and get something like

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