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Using Mission planner to change altitude

I want to take pictures at specific heights using waypoints.

I would like to add several waypoints in Mission planner, with specific altitudes, and trigger camera shutter between each waypoint. Then upload waypoints to APM. Out in the Field I want to

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Can I trust Arducopter?

Hi guys!

I've been away from the Arducopter community for around 2 years now. I never got the early APM1.x to work stable, so I've been using other FC's the last couple of years.

Do you think the newest Arducopter is a stable/solid solution now? Is it

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Gyro drift issue

With Ardupirates and earlier versions of Arducopter I had a problem with gyro drift. I thought this was not a problem with the 2.0.46 version I'm running now, but I have started to notice it again when flying in windy conditions.


When holding quad ag

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Faster roll on camera gimble

Camera gimble works well in tilt direction, but I need it to move more on the roll axis. If I tilt the quad 20 degrees, the camera gimble only tilts around 10 degrees, so it's not level.

I guess I have to do this by changing code? Probably one of thes

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Need more throttle/thrust!

With Ardupirates code my quad had lots of thrust available to carry camera. It was unstable if giving full thrust, so I had to turn down the thrust to about 75% by adjusting throttle Endpoint(EPA) on my transmitter.


With AC2.0.46 my quad just barely

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Quad suddenly flipping (2.0.46)

I have been away from AC2 code for a while, running Ardupirates code for several months without having any serious issues. Today I tried AC 2.0.46.


Everything seemed ok. I tested stabilize, alt hold, loiter and rtl. After a couple of batteries the qu

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Loiter/gps hold PID settings

Loiter sometimes works ok, but often the quad keeps overshooting, making bigger and bigger circles. So I have to help it sometimes getting "back on track". Should I increase or decrease PID settings?

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Stick center/drift problem

2.0.19 quad X

The quad flies ok in stable mode when I trim the sticks, it hovers perfectly for a while. But after short time, the center of the sticks is not neutral anymore. After a while, max stick input is almost not enough to keep the quad straigh

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