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Fixed reference altitude with LIDAR Lite

Apologies if I missed an obvious discussion of this. I'd like to use LIDAR Lite to maintain a precision fixed relatively low altitude based on a reference altitude, irrespective of ground objects it passes over. So, for example, if the reference star

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APM Forced Landings Log Mystery

Hi. On my last two flights, I experienced forced landings that I don't understand. In the first case, I launched in Loiter, and had a nice, solid loiter for a short period, when the flyer suddenly landed (cleanly) and disarmed. I could not arm it aga

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Radio Beacons

Has any work been done relating to the use of small radio beacons for APM-based systems tracking and RTL, as an alternative or adjunct to GPS, especially in situations where GPS accuracy is limited or relatively small areas are available for RTL or o

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Determining if esc/motor/or ? is bad

I have a Nova here that has never been flown that has one motor that isn't spinning. Given a voltmeter, etc. what is the best technique to determine if the motor/esc/or intermediate connections are at fault? Thanks!

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