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TASE gimbals


This is my fourth post in this forum and im glad that people who uses forum are all really kind :)  and kudos to the ones that replied my previous post.  

I just had a look at Cloud Cap`s TASE gimbals and it really sparks my interest in getting one b

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What are magnetometyers?

I have a really silly question buzzing on my head and I'm kind of confuse. What are the advantages of magnetometer implementation into a UAV? I have been looking all over forums for answers but I cant seem to find any. I really need your guys help.


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Small UAV vs Large UAV autopilots

I may think this is a little stupid question buzzing on my head but I really need your guys help. This is my first post on the forum after I had signed up for DIY drones. I have been reading most of the forums on this site and I was truly impressed h

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