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Copter rescue

Does anyone have any ideas on how to rescue a multicopter stuck about 200 feet up in a pine tree with another multicopter? The copter needing to be rescued is kind of just hanging there for about a week now.

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Oil Pan Relay

Is the relay needed for anything?  I noticed that my 5V relay has come loose and almost fallen off.  Can I just remove it if it is not needed?  Will this affect the oil pan in any way?




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APM ESC Signal Output issue with one pin

Hi, I'm having a problem with my Arducopter/hexacopter.  I'm only having an issue with pin 1 which is connected to my first  esc.  Using a multimeter and touching the ground and signal pin, I'm get a reading of .238 and .790 volts when booting the AP

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DIYDrones.com on the iPad

I love to access this site from my iPad, but it seems that the chat bar appears across the middle of every page in landscape mode and blocks whatever is underneath it.  It disappears when switching to portrait mode, but it's a pain to keep doing so.

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Has my sonar gone bad?

I have the Maxbotix XL EZ4. Whenever I try using the rangefinder tests I get weird results in the serial console. What type of data should I be seeing? What results are other people getting?ThanksLee

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