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BOB4 - new website in english! (Indoor UAV)

I finally translated all the website of my home-made UAV in english.


Do not hesitate to post any question or comment about the UAV, about my work, or about the website!

Remember that this small UAV is totally home made, and do not come from any other project.
100% of the code is programmed by myself.

Have fun!

Leon - French hobbyist.

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3D position estimation with a Wii-Remote camera



In this video, I am using a UMI, a sonar for altitude, and a wii-remote camera. The wii-remote camera is a very small camera that is included in the wii-remote.

The wii-remote camera gives directly the 2D coordinates of the IR spots in the image. It's interface is I2C. This is really a great sensor!


On my UAV, the wii-remote camera looks under.


I put IR LEDs on the floor.



I have put some lenses on this wii-remote camera, because the field of view was too narrow.



I still plan to make my drone navigate autonomously in an indoor environment, with several IR spots put on the floor.


For french-speeking people, you can see all the work that I have done on this web-site.


I will soon translate it in english.


Do not hesitate to ask me any question about this project.



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BOB4 - autonomous indoor translations

On this video, you can see another autonomous indoor flight. I just implemented translations displacements.


I still plan to take part to the IMAV2011 indoor competition.

The next task is to implement simple vision sensors so that the heli can locate itself even without walls in the area.



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BOB4 - another autonomous indoor flight

Here is another autonomous flight. The UAV just tries to hold a fixed position.

Remember that this UAV is 100% autonomous with its own sensors (sonars + IMU + magneto).

The autonomous part of the flight begins at 0'09" and ends at 2'20".

I plan to take part to the IMAV2011 competition with it.

Do not hesitate to ask me question about it. 

Leon - French Hobbyist.

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BOB4 - 1st autonomous indoor flight!

Watch on dailymotion (HQ)

I made my first autonomous flight today. I am very happy to achieve this result!

It is only a 30 seconds flight, but 100% autonomous! Lift and landing are still under manual control.

It is not perfect, the control goes wrong after 30 or 40 seconds. I have to work a lot to obtain better results, but this first flight is a big improvement in my project!

Reminder :

BOB4 estimates its position with only its onboard sensors : 4 sonars, one 3D magnetometer, one 6DOF IMU.

The computing is only onboard, without any external aid.

All computation is done on an “Embedded Master” motherboard with .Net Micro Framework.

I have designed this UAV alone. The hardware and the software is 100% home made.

Some pictures :


Previous posts:



Leon – French hobbyist.

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Indoor UAV - 3D position estimation

Watch on Dailymotion


I am currently working on 3D position and attitude etimation of my indoor drone. I use a 6 Dof IMU, a 3D magnetometer, and 4 sonars (Devantech).

The position estimation is not yet accurate (still bugs), but I am working to improve it. I also have lot of problems with the magnetometer. All the computation are done on the drone. I just use Matlab for visualization.

The drone is still manually piloted.

My intention is to make my drone navigate autonomously in a simple indoor environment.

A short demo video is above:

A quick description of my drone:


Leon - french hobbyist

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